These are just a few of our success stories. We would love to add yours!

Fatigue and Stress

I was always tired and overwhelmed. I always felt like I was in crisis mode. I was very anxious and stressed out. No amount of sleep helped. Whenever I exercised, I felt worse. Everyday was a struggle to get through. Now I feel much calmer I feel as though I can get through daily life without feeling exhausted. I wake up without feeling tired. I feel so much healthier and I am enjoying activities with my family again.

- Rebecca

I wasn’t sleeping and was fatigued all the time. I was also highly emotional. Now I am sleeping beautifully. I have more energy and my emotions have leveled out.

- Vanessa

Digestion Issues

My 2 year old daughter was unable to have bowel movements on her own without baby laxatives. She is underweight and often complains of stomach aches. It has now been eight months since we have used baby laxatives. This is amazing! We are so grateful! My daughter is strong and healthy, and gaining weight!

- Shira

Weight Management

Now I have a smaller appetite, less desire for “bad” foods, and more desire to exercise.

- Brian

I was overweight and had serious heartburn, stomach pain, and low energy. Dr. Copping has completely dealt with the heartburn. I have lost weight and feel much better.




Immune System Challenges

Last year I got sick for weeks at a time and this year I haven’t gotten sick!

- Max


I was curious and just wanted to see what it was about. I thought I was healthy before, but now I know what it feels like to really be healthy. My allergies are under control, too!

- Bonnie

Female Issues


For the first time, I didn’t have problems with my menstrual cycle. My cycle was actually normal and not extremely painful!


No more hot flashes!

- Anonymous


I saw my doctor today and the first thing he said to me was – you must be doing something wonderful for yourself because you look much taller and you are walking much straighter.  I told him that I was getting wonderful chiropractic care from Dr. Copping.  I am so excited that he noticed!

– Ann Age 89

Back Pain

Before I was in constant pain, not any more!  Dr. Copping is the best Chiropractor I have ever had. 

– Margaret




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