We vow to provide excellent pediatric and adult chiropractic care.

Jason A. Copping DC, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, began his practice with his father. Dr. Jason Copping was immersed in Chiropractic, learning multiple techniques from his father and his father’s mentor. In addition, Dr. Copping has taken upon himself to become proficient in many different Chiropractic techniques to greatly enhance his ability to deliver the perfect adjustment for each person and condition. His unique experience combined with post graduate classes in the Webster (Pregnancy) Technique, infant adjusting and sports chiropractic have made Dr. Copping an expert chiropractic adjuster. Whether you need very gentle adjustments or more dynamic ones, the correct technique will be delivered every time.

Chiropractic and Nutrition - “In many patients, a spinal misalignment is causing imbalance in the body. The way to bring the body to balance in those cases is to incorporate adjustments into the Nutrition Response Testing protocol. It is my philosophy that spinal alignment, proper nutrition, attitude, and exercise are the key ingredients to a healthy life. I would like to encourage you to assess your lifestyle and determine what area you would like help in. If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle you need what New Life Holistic Center has to offer.” – Jason A. Copping, DC

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